ENEXIO Hungary Ltd.

Headquarters: H-1117 Budapest, Irinyi József str. 4-20/B

Postal Address: H-1117 Budapest, Irinyi József str. 4-20/B

Telephone Number: +36 1 225-6100

Fax: +36 1 225-6193

E-mail: hungary@enexio.com

Greetings from ENEXIO Hungary!

ENEXIO Hungary is one of the key player in dry cooling with own manufacturing and R&D. We have been providing our medium and large capacity cooling solutions for many decades in the power market (incl. nuclear) and in other industries.

Budapest-based ENEXIO Hungary Ltd. Is one of the country’s leading energy companies with more than half a century of domestic and international engineering experience. Energy development, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technologies have over decades been the core principles of our company. Among its references, the company has more than 500 implemented projects in different parts of the world. Our most valuable active markets are Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, the Balkans, China, and Eastern and Central Europe.

The company was founded in 1948, was foreign-owned several times, then in December 2020 it was acquired by the Hungarian MVM Group and become 100% owned by the Hungarian government. Thanks to foreign owners and foreign partners, ENEXIO Hungary has gained a wide range of international experience and professional relationships.

ENEXIO Hungary profile:

Design, manufacture and implementation of projects for dry and wet cooling systems and ash treatment systems for power plants.

ENEXIO Hungary has created the world-famous Heller-Forgó water-saving indirect dry cooling system (Heller System®), which allows cooling power plants, nuclear power plants, bio-power plants or even solar power plants even in places where water is not available. ENEXIO Hungary has a number of Heller Tower references worldwide, with a particular mention of Turkey, China, Syria, Iran and Russia.

ENEXIO Hungary also installs wet cooling systems, manufactures power plant auxiliary coolers and coolers for the oil and gas industry.

In addition, ENEXIO Hungary is the creator and developer of the CIRCUMIX © system, which enables on the power plants the environmentally friendly management and disposal of ash.

In 2021 we have decided to enter the IT data center market and provide our world class cooling systems in this exciting new market as well.

ENEXIO Hungary has a subsidiary in Beijing since 2005 and a heat exchanger plant in Wuqing, China.



  • 1948 – establishment of the Energy Management Institute (EGI) for post-war reconstruction of energy infrastructure.
  • 1954 – two Professors of the Budapest University of Technology (Dr. László Heller and Dr. László Forgó) developed the Heller System® dry cooling system for power plants, the great advantage of which is that it does not consume water at all compared to previous water-intensive solutions.
  • 1989 – the development of an ash management solution for coal-fired power plants began. The patented solution called Circumix® enables the environmentally friendly disposal of the resulting ash.
  • 1990s – EGI became a leading energy designer, manufacturer and contractor in the Hungarian energy market, with serious export markets (1,300 employees).
  • 1992 – during the privatization, the German GEA group acquired EGI and integrated it into its power plant business.
  • 2003 – GEA EGI established a subsidiary in Beijing and a heat exchanger factory in Wuquing (80 km from Beijing). (Both companies are 100% owned by the Hungarian company) ENEXIO Cooling Syst. Trad. (Beijing) Co. Ltd & ENEXIO Cooling Systems (China) Co. Ltd.
  • 2014 – GEA sold the Heat Exchanger business to a German financial investor, to Triton Partners, which continued to operate under the new name ENEXIO (enexio.com), with which EGI also operated in the future as ENEXIO Hungary Zrt.
  • 2016 – ENEXIO Hungary closed and liquidated its heat exchanger plant in Jászberény and installed the entire production in China.
  • 2019 – Triton started the sale of the ENEXIO Dry Cooling business with the ENEXIO Hungary Zrt. in it.
  • 2020 – acquired ENEXIO Hungary Zrt. And its two Chinese subsidiaries by Magyar Villamos Művek mvm.hu.
  • 2021 April – ENEXIO Hungary Zrt. became MVM EGI Zrt.

The company is at the forefront of suppliers of indirect dry cooling systems around the world through continuous product, technology and system development, engineering expertise and professional contract execution. Where power plants are designed, built or operated, they can count on ENEXIO Hungary as a partner. We will help your cooling system fit into the environment with safe and seamless operation and will reduce the water consumption of your cooling system by 60-100%.

It will be our pleasure to provide our support in designing the cooling system best suited to your application.