The MVM Group is Hungary’s third and Central Europe’s eleventh largest group of companies. The 100% state-owned dynamic, innovative energy group, supplemented by the NKM companies, is the largest Hungarian energy knowledge centre at the same time, which contributes greatly to Hungary’s security of supply with its professional competence.

Key indicators: more than 60 member companies, more than HUF 1,800 billion in sales, HUF 600 billion in added value to the Hungarian economy, more than 15,000 employees, 4.2 million retail and corporate customers, 70% of the country’s electricity output, an uncircumventable role in domestic renewable energy generation, nearly 50% market share of gas supply to industrial consumers and provision of 100% of retail natural gas supply through the universal service provider.

The MVM Group aims to provide affordable and clean energy to its customers in a sustainable way, meeting the requirements of the 21st century. The Group aims to be a market leader in renewable energy generation, focusing on the management and continuous development of the transmission network, the competent provision of natural gas trading and storage, e-mobility, and the development of smart city technologies and modern government telecommunications solutions.