Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd.

Address: H-1138 Budapest, Váci út 144-150.
Phone: (+36-1) 354-7000
Fax: (+36-1) 354-7040

Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. is serving customer needs since October 1, 2013 as member of the MVM Group, in national property.

Natural Gas Sales

Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. is the largest natural gas trader of the Hungarian liberalised gas market. Based on its sales revenue, the Company is one of the largest companies in Hungary. The Company is the most important partner of the Hungarian gas distribution companies in serving household-, small and middle-sized gas consumers and plays a significant role in the large-scale segment as partner of power plants, heat distribution companies and industrial customers. The consumers supplied with natural gas by the Company are the largest companies of Hungary.

Natural Gas Supply

The main target of Hungarian Gas Trade Ltd. is the security of gas supply, meaning not only the problem-free operation of gas pipelines; it is a much more complex issue. Without a supply portfolio of the right mix and volume, fulfilment of supply security would be a difficult issue. The more natural gas source the Company has, the smallest the gas dependence of Hungary is, thus meaning an increased supply security of the Hungarian gas consumers. The Company is committed towards the long-term, secure natural gas supply of Hungary, and satisfies the requirements of the country from different sources with its long-term supply contracts, some of which are valid until 2015 thus ensuring its customers the advantages of a large and balanced gas supply portfolio.
The Company has plans and proposals in order to provide a sustainable gas supply even in the future, which it intends to develop in co-operation with the affected parties.