Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd.

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Natural gas is now the most important fuel in Hungary, with its over 40% share in primary energy sources. Underground gas storage facilities play a major role in meeting the winter peak demand, along with establishing and maintaining the security of supply, since on a colder winter day, more than half of the country’s natural gas demand is supplied from gas storage sites.

Being the largest commercial natural gas storage company in Hungary, Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. operates four underground natural gas storage sites, with a total working gas capacity of 4.23 billion m3 and a daily withdrawal capacity of 55 million m3. Besides ensuring the winter gas supply of the country in the long run, it is a priority for the company to contribute to Hungary’s becoming a key player in the Central-European region.

Natural Gas Storage Sites

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. has four underground gas storage sites, where natural gas is stored in depleted gas fields (in geological structures suitable for gas storage, in gas reservoirs).

Those reservoirs are suitable for gas storage into which gas can be injected with a relatively low, 160 bar or maximum 210 bar pressure. This is possible if the reservoir is located at a depth not exceeding 2000-2500 meters and its reservoir rock has high permeability. It is also an important criterion to have a closed rock structure around the reservoir, while the reservoir rock itself must resist the gas flow inside.

Hungarian Gas Storage Ltd. has underground gas storage sites and capacitys:


Withdrawal capacity: 28 Mm3/nap
Injection capacity: 17 Mm3/nap
Mobile gas capacity: 2,170 Mm3


Withdrawal capacity: 20.8 Mm3/nap
Injection capacity: 11.5 Mm3/nap
Mobile gas capacity: 1,640 Mm3


Withdrawal capacity: 3.1 Mm3/nap
Injection capacity: 2.9 Mm3/nap
Mobile gas capacity: 340 Mm3


Withdrawal capacity: 3.2 Mm3/nap
Injection capacity: 2.35 Mm3/nap
Mobile gas capacity: 280 Mm3