Mavir Hungarian Transmission System Operator Company Ltd.

The manager of power

Address: H-1031 Budapest, Anikó utca 4.
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MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator Company Ltd. is a key leader of the Hungarian energy sector. Our main task is to safeguard the uninterrupted, secure and sustainable operation of the Hungarian Electricity System and to allow access for each system user on equal basis as well as to ensure an economical and efficient operation of the transmission network, the operation and extension of the electricity market and the balance group system facilitating market activities.

System operation

System operation activities range from medium and long-term planning and analysis, through direct operational planning, operations control and remote control, to the subsequent evaluation of network operation. It has a direct effect on the security of electricity supply and the stability of the Hungarian Electricity System. MAVIR’s task is to sustain the electricity balance of the Hungarian Electricity System and to balance the deviations of balance groups form the planned values. All data and information collected by the Transmission System Operator serve as a major source both for the authorities and the market players.


By acting as transmission network licensee, it is the responsibility of MAVIR to ensure a long-term and safe availability of the network and provide access to the network on equal terms for all players of the electricity market. Based on appropriate strategies complying with domestic and international requirements, it implies a range of deve-lopment, reconstruction, maintenance and operational activities on thetransmission network being part of the Hungarian Electricity System.By the implementation of requirements included in the Network Development Plan, approved by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Authority, and by pursuing further development activities, MAVIR provides for an appropriate level of secure supply and its greatest possible improvement.

Market operations

It is MAVIR’s task to ensure the proper operation of the liberalised electricity market, to operate the market of ancillary services and balance group system as well as to allocate cross-border capacities being an inevitable condition for electricity trade pursued by market players. The division of Market Operations plays an active role in developing the rules of electricity market operation via following changes in the domestic and European legal environment, as well as fostering implementation of the European Internal Electricity Market.

MAVIR is operating as an independent member of MVM Group in accordance with the ITO model (Independent Transmission Operator).

Thus, being a company independent of any other participants of the energy industry, we ensure the operation of the whole electricity system in a way that each ot its players may deploy our services on an equal basis.

Corporate responsibility


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