National Business Services Private Company Limited by Shares

Address: 7030 Paks, Gagarin utca 1.
Postal address: 7031 Paks, Pf.:152
Phone: (+36-75) 501-701
Fax: (+36-75) 501-791

The main function of National Business Services Ltd. is to provide financial, accounting and HR administration services of a high standard for the companies of the MVM Group.

The Company lays special emphasis on ensuring the performance of its services in a predefined way, within a standard framework, and guaranteeing their transparency and verifiability.

The service model between the company and the members of the MVM Group is based on a client relationship between the parties, which is regulated in the service contracts on the division of work, liability, agency fee, etc.

The company has been providing financial and accounting services to its Clients since 1 April 2006 and HR services since 1 January 2007:

Financial processes

  • Provision of Treasury services
  • Conducting money transactions (bank)
  • Entry of supplier invoices in the books, handling of current accounts
  • Invoicing, entry of customer invoices in the books, handling of current accounts

Accounting and administrative processes

  • General ledger bookkeeping
  • Settlement and keeping records of changes in, and the depreciation of, the portfolio of tangible and intangible assets
  • Performance of taxation tasks
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual closings
  • Drafting of the statutory reports and accounts of the member companies and support of the drafting of the consolidated and international reports of the MVM Group

HR administration processes

  • Keeping of staff records
  • Performance of payroll accounting and related taxation tasks
  • Performance of social insurance payment office tasks
  • Cafeteria services (obtaining statements from employees, settlement and provision of benefits)
  • HR controlling support services

SAP user competence centre

  • Support of SAP users, development and training