MVM ERBE Power Engineering and Consulting Ltd.

Address: H-1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 95.
Telephone: (+36-1) 382-4700 or (+36-1) 204-4200
Fax: (+36-1) 204-4198 or (+36-1) 204-4211

MVM ERBE Ltd. – the engineering company of the MVM Grouperbe_02.jpg – either participates in the designing and implementation of heat and electric energy producing, transmission and distribution networks projects, and in the related communication network needed for their operation or performs these tasks as an EPC contractor. Our Company has significant experiences in the complex licencing of power engineering projects in Hungary.

Our references cover engineering services pertaining to the conventional large scale coal, hydrocarbon and nuclear based power generation, as well as small scale, mainly renewable energy exploitation (wind, biomass, biogas, landfill gas, solar, etc.) units.

We render the following services at various project stages:

I. Project preparation

  • Conceptual planning, studies for making strategic decisions,
  • Feasibility studies,
  • Environmental impact assessments,
  • Site survey studies,
  • Business plans and financing analyses,
  • Assessment of technical condition.

II. Implementation stage

  • Preparation for implementation:

    a. Preparation of basic design documentation,
    b. Licencing, permitting,
    c. Compilation of tender documentation,
    d. Conducting tendering procedures,
    e. Supporting contract negotiation.

  • During implementation:

    a. Project management,
    b. Reviewing and commenting on design documentation,
    c. Witnessing and commenting factory acceptance tests,
    d. Inspecting and commenting on implemented erection works,
    e. Coordination of commissioning procedure,
    f. Performing procedures leading to the issuance of PAC.

erbe_03Our accredited laboratory performs testing of power equipment (output, efficiency) furthermore measures environmental emission parameters (such noise, pollutant, etc.). The measured data are processed by our special software, and in case of need we are able to perform further analyses/modelling.