MVM GTER Gas Turbine Power Plant Ltd.

Address: H-2040 Budaörs, Kinizsi u. 26.
Telephone: (+36-1) 304-2424
Fax: (+36-1) 304-2225

MVM GTER Gas Turbine Power Plant Ltd. (MVM GTER Ltd.) is a subsidiary owned 100% by MVM Ltd.

gter_01The legal predecessor of the company (GTER Gas Turbine Power Plant Operation and Maintenance LLC) was established by its founder, MVM Ltd. on 1 October 1999 to perform the management tasks of the back-up gas turbine power plants at Litér, Sajőszöged and Lőrinci (all of them owned by MVM Ltd.), which have a total rated installed capacity of 410 MW and provide system-level services.

Having been responsible fundamentally for the fullfledged and economical operation of the back-up power plants earlier, MVM GTER Ltd. was further assigned with the role to have the developments implemented on the back-up power plants as specified by its owner and in addition to perform the longterm operational task of the power plants owned by MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd. and MVM BVMT Bakony Power Generation Ltd.

Within the scope of operating the cogeneration plant with an installed capacity of 74 MW and 49.98 MW owned by MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd., our company is also responsible for preserving the technical condition of the installed equipment, executing maintenance tasks, and securing the high availability of the plant.

gter_02Our company also performs the operation and maintenance tasks of the bakony gas turbine power plant constructed by MVM BVMT Bakony Power Generation Ltd. The power plant, which has a rated electrical capacity of 116 MW and comprises two identical units, performs the tasks of a back-up gas turbine power plant providing system-level services. The company performs its core activities defined by the founder and separated for accounting purposes in an organisational structure matching the set requirements. In addition to meeting energy demand safely, it is a basic requirement to comply with the relevant environmental protection regulations. We pay special attention to monitoring the pollutant emissions of the gas turbine power plants, performed by an accredited laboratory.

The company aims at, by every possible means,

  • increasing the efficiency of operation,
  • enhancing sustainable development,
  • consistently preventing environmental pollution, adverse environment impacts and waste production,
  • rationalising the use of resources, and
  • enhancing an environmentally aware approach.

gter_03In the development projects relating to energy generation, our goal is to introduce and use new, modern technologies, which allow the increase of energy efficiency and sustainable operation. MVM GTER Ltd. intends to meet the founder’s requirements in every respect and to comply with the regulations relating to its activities, set out in Acts and decrees and set by the authorities and the Group. Our company holds the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates. The Quality and Environmental Management System is integral with the valid provisions of the group-level regulations of the parent company.

Other technical, economic and organisation information about the company is available on the independent website of MVM GTER Ltd.