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The telecommunications activity of MVM Ltd. goes back to the 1960s, at first to the performance of electricity system operation activities. The increase in capacity demand occurring in this area has also made it necessary to upgrade the telecommunications network of MVM Ltd. As a result of the developments, a modern, high capacity system with outstanding reliability, comprising passive (optical trunk cable) and active (transmission and IP equipment) components, has been established, which also has considerable surplus capacities. The system, which fully meets the telecommunications demand of the system operation licensee’s activities, also meets the expectations of the market to the maximum extent.

The situation of the telecommunications assets of MVM Ltd. has been significantly influenced by the what is called ITO Model defined in the Third Energy Package of the EU, which does not prescribe full ownership unbundling for the grid operator, but includes new provisions for enhancing its independence and, consequently, for facilitating access to the grid. In order to conform to the above model also laid down in the Hungarian laws, a technical concept has been created whereby the ownership of the assets in question should be uniformly transferred to a newly established electronic communications subsidiary owned 100% by MVM Ltd., namely, MVM NET Ltd. The MVM NET Ltd. started its operation on 1 March 2012.

The operational model of MVM NET Ltd. is supported by the following pillars:

  • telecommunications activities in the interest of the electricity system
  • telecommunications activities for government purposes
  • electronic communications services for public / business purposes

In keeping with the strategic concepts of the government, MVM NET Ltd. treats it as a priority to simultaneously meet the communications demand for government purposes to high standards. The successful closure of the first phase of the National Network Development Project is a significant milestone in the history of MVM NET Ltd. With the launch of the National Trunk Telecommunications Network (NTTN) at the end of 2012, stateowned companies provide electronic communications services to the institutional system of the state. As a result of the full consolidation of infocommunications, the introduction of the new model will result in very significant savings in the state budget. MVM NET Ltd. provides telecommunications services by making use of the free capacities of its national trunk telecommunications network to the satisfaction of its clients in government and the business community.