MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd.

Address: H-1037 Budapest, Kunigunda útja 49.
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In the summer of 2004, the Budapest District Heating Ltd. (FŐTAV Ltd.) released an invitation to tender for securing the heat supply of the Óbuda and North Buda district heating areas with heat cogenerated with electricity. The two-stage tender was awarded to MVM Ltd. in the August of 2005.

FŐTÁV Ltd. and MVM Ltd. entered into a contract on 28 September 2005. Under this agreement MVM Ltd. would build a three-unit gas turbine cogeneration power plant by March 31, 2008 at the exisiting site of the North Buda Heating Plant of FŐTÁV Ltd., where the required area has been provided for long-term use. MVM Ltd. established MVM North Buda Project Real Estate Developing and Managing Ltd. on January 25, 2006 for the management of the project and the operation of the new power plant. The name of the company was changed to MVM North Buda Cogeneration Power Plant Ltd. in the spring of 2008, after the commissioning of the power plant.

On the basis of the winning bid, EGI Contracting Engineering Co. Ltd. (EGI Ltd.) was commissioned to construct the power plant. Under the General Contract for Work and Services signed between MVM Ltd. and EGI Ltd. on March 7, 2006, the power plant was constructed in two phases and three steps. In the first phase, a SOLAR Mars M-100 gas turbine with an electrical capacity of 9.88 MWe and a thermal capacity of 17 MWth was installed, and an SES hot water heat recovery boiler with a maximum thermal capacity of 30 MWth, provided with auxiliary and supplementary firing, was connected to it. This unit has been operational since the April of 2007. In Stage 1 of the second phase, another unit of identical design was established, and it started its commercial operation ahead of schedule, on August 7, 2007.

eszak_02Finally, in Stage 2 of the second phase, the third unit was built. It comprises a Rolls Royce gas turbine with an electrical capacity of 30.2 MWe and a thermal capacity of 39 MWth and a connected SES hot water heat recovery boiler with a thermal capacity of 39 MWth. This boiler has a by-pass line on the flue gas side, which allows the electrical capacity of the gas turbine to be utilised irrespective of the heat demand. This unit started its commercial operation on December 29, 2007 instead of January 31, 2008, the date stipulated in the General Contract for Work and Services. The generators of Units I and II are made by Leroy-Somer, while that of Unit III is made by Brush. The 11 kV electricity produced in the generators is transformed to 120 kV by a 25 MVA and a 40 MVA Koncar transformer. The power plant is connected to the grid through a new 120 kV field established at the Kaszásdűlő Substation of ELMŰ Ltd. The generated heat is transmitted to the consumers via the district heating network of the North Buda Heating Plant of FŐTÁV Ltd.

The investment was implemented through project financing, OTP Bank Ltd. was the lender besides the investor MVM Ltd.

Based on timely regualtions and economic tendencies the power-plant provides 150 – 300 GWh electricity, together with 1 400 – 1 500 TJ thermal energy annually, by around 85 % primary energy efficiency. By making use of discarded heat the MVM North Buda Cogeneration Powerplant provides electricity and supplies FŐTÁV Ltd. with thermal energy for the heating of more than 80% of the annual heat demand of 38,000 homes.