MVM OVIT National Power Line Company Ltd.

Address: H-1158 Budapest, Körvasút sor 105.
Telephone: (+36-1) 414-3200
Fax: (+36-1) 415-5815

ovitMVM OVIT Ltd., as a member of the MVM Group, has the widest scope of activities in the Hungarian energy industry. The Company has performed the construction, maintenance and development of high-voltage power lines and transformer stations for six decades. Traditionally the activities of MVM OVIT Ltd. has been basically connected to the Hungarian national grid and power plants, but it also regularly concludes contracts with domestic electricity supply companies, railway undertakings, large industrial consumers and foreign ordering parties for completing construction, maintenance, renewal and development assignments.

The scope of operations of the Company covers the entire area of Hungary; it has sites in several regions of the country and has about 1600 employees. MVM OVIT Ltd. performs its activities and extensive qualified businesses in a market-oriented system.

Strategic business areas

  • planning, construction, expansion and reconstruction of power lines and substations
  • construction of overhead wires for railway electrification
  • maintenance, investment and establishment of power plants
  • manufacture of power equipment machinery
  • manufacture of industrial steel structures
  • operation of the power supply systems of industrial establishments
  • transportation of special large and heavy goods by road, rail and ship
  • specialist services
  • manufacture of low-voltage auxiliary equipment
  • operation, installation and renewal of telecommunications networks

Furthermore, OVIT operates a three-star hotel in Keszthely at Lake Balaton, in one of Hungary’s most beautiful places. (