MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.

Address: H-7031 Paks, Pf. 71.
Telephone: (+36-75) 505-000
Fax: (+36-1) 355-1332

paks_01 As well as being the single biggest producer of energy in the Hungarian power generation industry (more than 45% of the national total), Paks Nuclear Power Plant is also Hungary’s only nuclear power plant. Besides, its operation is safe, economical and environmental friendly. For this reason it is important, that due to the lifetime extension programme the plant will be able to ensure the security of energy supply for a further 20 years.

Paks Nuclear Power Plant was the single biggest investment in Hungary in the 20th century. Due to the power uprate programme, the power plant’s capacity is 2000 MW (megawatt) now. Thus, the power plant is the key player in the power generation in Hungary. Compared to other power plants, the nuclear power plant is more environmental friendly, as it does not emit carbon-dioxide and in this way, saves nearly as much oxygen each year as is produced by all the forests in Hungary; more or less equal to the amount of oxygen inhaled annually by the population of the country. As a result, Paks Nuclear Power Plant is not only an economical necessity for the region, but also in terms of environmental friendliness and power production.

The main characteristics of nuclear energy are that it is a cheap, safe and a clean method of producing electric energy. Cheap, because this is the nations most economical power plant, producing 1 kWh at the price of 12.28 HUF; clean, because during production there are no carbon-dioxide emissions, or any other harmful by-products to the environment and that the storage of spent fuel, as well as other radioactive wastes has been resolved safe, due to the fact that there are regular independent peer reviews and continuous technological improvement programmes to ensure its reliability and durability. The nuclear power plant is the key component of the security of energy supply: it has the capacity to meet the demands of supply through storing enough fuel assemblies to guarantee 45% of the energy needs of Hungary for two whole years.

The Paks Nuclear Power Plant meets the safety requirements of nuclear power plants of its age within the European Union in all respects. In order to meet the energy demands of the country, the management of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. decided to have the service life of the power plant extended by 20 years to 2032 – 2037 respectively. Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority has granted permission for the 1st unit to have its operational life extended. In 2013, the lifetime extension application of the 2nd unit has to be submitted.

paks_02MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. is the biggest employer in the area. The company provides jobs for more than 2500 employees. What is more, when considering the number of subcontractors and the families that are supported as a result, the number of inhabitants benefitting in the long term from the operation of Paks Nuclear Power Plant in the area runs in to about ten thousand. As well as having been a viable economic force in the region for over thirty years, the nuclear power plant also fulfils an important social role. The power plant has proved to be an essential supporting partner for sports, education, health and cultural institutions. It is important for the company to be seen as a supporting force in society. Surveys carried out every year, overwhelmingly show that 70% of the population of Hungary agree that we need a nuclear power plant.

In the Competition for the Family Friendly Workplace announced by Ministry of Human Resources, the application of MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. was granted with the title of „Family Friendly Workplace” in the Large Scale Enterprise category.