MVM PARTNER Energy Trading Ltd.

Address: H-1031 Budapest, Szentendrei s. 207-209.
Phone: (+36-1) 304-2169
Fax: (+36-1) 202-0134

MVM Partner Ltd. is a subsidiary owned exclusively by MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., engaged in selling electricity and performing electricity wholesale activities, operating under competitive market conditions. We started our activity back in 2003 and by now our company has become one of the biggest energy traders of Hungary and a major player of the Hungarian energy market.

Electricity Sale to Consumers

In addition to the reliable and stable Hungarian background, our company’s expertise and more than ten years of competitive market experience represent secure professional guarantees for the SMEs, large companies, municipalities and institutions.
During the first years following the opening of the Hungarian electricity market in 2003, we first and foremost focused on the large consumer segment. Based on our business achievements and the appreciative reception of the market, in line with the further steps of liberalisation, we added SMEs to our customer base. Later the small business customers not eligible for universal service, the local government institutions and customers obliged to purchase electricity under public procurement procedures were also added to our portfolio.
Hence, among others, we established a dedicated sales team providing personal contact, a flexible and continuously improved invoicing system and a 24/7 online customer service, all with an aim to guarantee full service to our esteemed partners. Beside electricity, we also offer energy related services, such as infrared thermography building audits, electricity audits (Power Guard) and we also assist our customers providing energy certificates.


Wholesale Electricity Trade

MVM Partner Ltd. is a major player on the Hungarian wholesale electricity market as well. Our aim is to improve the liquidity of the Hungarian market and to establish long term trading relationships with our partners. As a reaction to the market expectations, the Central Trading Floor of MVM Group started its operation in 2010. Its task is to ensure the best and most intensive utilization of the synergies and market opportunities between the participating member companies and the efficient management of market risks. Our goal and mission is to create and maintain a strong presence on the regional markets. For that purpose we pursue a centrally managed wholesale activity throughout Europe. We are trading on several European exchange markets and OTC markets through our Budapest headquarters, thereby ensuring our ability of fast reaction to price changes on an international level.

MVM Partner Ltd., thanks to its strong purchasing, retail and wholesale activity, controls and manages one of the biggest balance groups in the MAVIR network. Our balance group manager activity, as a result of our international role, has grown to a regional level, since we have our own balance group in all of the countries we are trading in.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since we entered the market, in addition to attaining our economic objectives, we have been striving to help the socially vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our society as well. We pay special attention to help children, the sick and the disadvantaged, to improve their living conditions, to support paediatrics, and to promote the healthy lifestyle among children and young people.