MVM XPert Ltd.

H-1158 Budapest, Rákospalotai Körvasút sor 105.

Phone: +36-1 414-3200


MVM XPert Ltd. (legal predecessor: MVM OVIT National Power Transmission Line Ltd.) undertakes its operations as a well-known and recognised member of the integrated group of national energy companies – the MVM Group. Its fundamental mission – in line with that of the group of companies – is to serve priority customers within the group of companies, power supply companies and large industrial consumers, to be ready to eliminate operating problems on the lines and at the substations any day of the week, and to contribute to the implementation of construction-erection activities, maintenance and – eventually – operation of the transmission and main distributor network system components.

As an affiliate of the MVM Group, MVM XPert Ltd. is a company within the scope of bodies and facilities covered by the umbrella of national security measures.

Scope of activities

Power Line Division Directorate

  • power line construction
  • power line standardization, reconstruction, renovation (base, column, wire)
  • power line maintenance
  • corrosion protection and painting works of power lines
  • power line deflections
  • troubleshooting power line malfunctions
  • provision of temporary (provisional or emergency) power line poles
  • establishment of OPGW, ADSS and MASS networks
  • (complete) power line design
  • static tests on power lines
  • power line engineering services
  • special tests on power lines
  • on-call system


Substation Division Directorate

  • substation design
  • substation architectural design
  • electrical installation of high and medium voltage substations
  • diagnostics, engineering services
  • electrical equipment for power plants
  • installation of low, medium and high voltage systems for industrial installations
  • manufacture of electrical technology cabinets and switchgear
  • maintenance of electrical equipment in substations, power plants and industrial installations
  • maintenance and commissioning activities
  • emergency response, on-call system