MVM Energy 2.0 Race

mvmenergiafutam_logoEnergy 2.0: Exactly with You!

The MVM Group has also recognised that similarly to the spreading of web 2.0, a new kind of attitude seems to emerge in energy use, and the occurrence of positive changes requires, first and foremost, a novel “mentality 2.0”. Bearing all this in mind, it has launched the programme series called Energy 2.0—Exactly with You, which is aimed at ensuring that the public become familiar with alternative energies, various energy-saving solutions and the possibilities of using new types of energy sources.

Energy 2.0 Race

The first Competition of Alternative Powered Vehicles in any European capital, the MVM Energy 2.0 Race, commenced with a technical programme in 2011. On Friday, the vehicles were received, subject to strict rules, under the direction of a technical jury, during which it was found out whether the alternative driven vehicles arriving from various points in the country were suitable for participating in the contest safely and in conformity with the rules. In the late afternoon, the competition rules were presented in the assembly hall of the Central Office Building of Hungarian Power Companies Ltd., followed by a driver’s exam.

On Saturday, the day began with a city parade, during which the participants brought a little silence and clean air to the noisy streets of the capital with petrol laden air. A convoy of alternative driven vehicles from the Central Office Building of MVM in Szentendrei út to the scene of the National Gallop, Hősök tere (Heroes’ Square), accompanied by an open top bus provided for the press, then anyone could admire the innovative, environmentally friendly state-of-the-art vehicles from close range in the temporary pit set up at Oktogon. On this sunny day, the organisers tried to raise the attention of the youngest to environmental protection with animation programmes, a fairy tale theatre and eco-tales at the venue of the event.

The qualifying and long distance races on Sunday were held in the heart of the capital, in Andrássy út, a World Heritage Site. “The occurrence of positive changes requires, first and foremost, a novel mentality, if you like, ‘mentality 2.0’. The principal messages of the MVM Energy 2.0 Race are supporting specific areas of sustainable development and environmental protection and undertaking the provision of information to, and drawing the attention of, as many people as possible,” said Csaba Baji, Chairman and CEO of the MVM Group at the opening ceremony of the contest.

Nearly 40 vehicles, each completely environmentally friendly with no pollutant emissions, competed in nine categories in the races. There were prototypes, study-vehicles and racing vehicles, and two-wheeled vehicles were also represented in the challenge. The start position obtained in the qualifying did not mean the final result, since several thousand spectators could witness plenty of exciting overtaking in the long-term competition in the afternoon.

Well-known public figures could not be missing from the event either. The Famous Race of electric GO-KARTs was won in close contest by Attila Katus, with close runner-up György Kozman, while the third place was taken by Atom Ant of the country, Antal Kovács. The only female pilot in the contest, Zita Görög, finished fourth.

The prizes and cups were presented by Csaba Baji, Chairman and CEO of MVM, György Felkai, Communications Director of MVM, and László Petis, Competition Director of the MVM Energy 2.0 Race, to the 1st to 3rd place winning teams in the innovative categories, together with the HUF 1.5 million money prize offered by MVM. The Fair Play Prize went to the members of the fairest team, Gabev, for their outstandingly sporting conduct in the competition. After the Lap Of Champions, the gates were open, and anyone could view the alternative driven vehicles until 7 p.m. in the unusual environment of Andrássy út. The event joined a series of large events held in Hungary, and as was noted by György Felkai, Communications Director of MVM, MVM would like to set a tradition by organising the Energy 2.0 Race.