Quality Management

The entitlements and roles of the Hungarian Power Companies Ltd.

quality_01In the Hungarian public electricity supply the responsibilities of MVM Ltd. (MVM Energy Ltd.) include the wholesale trade, transmission and cross-border transport of electricity.

According to the operational licence, awarded by the Hungarian Energy Office, the company has introduced an integrated management system that covers all the activities and elements of the operation, including its high voltage networks, telecommunication and measurement systems, maintenance, development and the related financial and accountancy processes.

MVM Ltd. was established on December 31, 1991 on the organisational basis of its predecessor, the Hungarian Power Trust, with approximately HUF 200 billion of invested capital. The biggest shareholder was the ÁPV Rt. (the Hungarian Privatisation and State Holding Company Ltd.) with a 99.86% share. Among the rest of shareholders there were municipalities, some other legal entities and natural persons. The ownership structure of MVM Ltd. has not changed since then.

Today, the main cooperating partners of MVM Ltd. are the Hungarian power plants and electricity supply distribution companies, MAVIR Ltd., electricity companies of the member countries of CENTREL and UCTE, other participants of the European electricity market and organisations like EURELECTRIC, etc.

The operation and maintenance of the high voltage transmission network – owned by the MVM Ltd. – is the task of transmission lines operator OVIT Ltd. according to a long-term contract. The secondary reserve gas turbines (Litér, Sajószöged, Lőrinci) are operated by the GTER Ltd., while ensuring their availability is the task of MVM. The cooperation is strengthened by the fact that all the partners operate the ISO 9001- and ISO 14001-quality management systems and develop them continuously.

The MVM Hungarian Power Companies Ltd. operates its integrated management system in the field of public wholesale trade and transmission of electricity and energetic investments and development.

quality_02The members of the integrated management system are the Chief Executive Officer and the persons specified in the organisational and operational rules of the company. The system also includes the quality and environmental commissioners of the top management, the chief engineers and the heads of major departments. The quality and environmental commissioners make up the Quality and Environmental Committee, which is responsible for preparing the decisions of the highest corporate body, the Quality and Environmental Board.

In the organisation of the integrated management the top management’s representative is the head of the Department of Quality Management; he or she is responsible for the proper operation of the quality and environmental system according to the Integrated Handbook. In the environmental management the top management’s representative is the head of the Department of Environment, who, in close cooperation with the Department of Quality Management, is responsible for the environmental requirements.

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