Smart Future Lab Ltd.

Established in 2016, as the first Hungarian energy incubator house, it helps startups with a variety of supports: taking advantage of the unique opportunities arising from the MVM Group, it puts a wide range of knowledge, experience and relationships at the service of startups. Over the years, however, its activities have gone beyond those of a classic incubator house. In addition to incubation, Smart Future Lab is involved in the professional management of innovation events (such as hackathons, meetup series, employee idea development programmes) and also performs product development tasks both inside and outside the MVM Group, thus it has become a full-fledged innovation service provider.

Those we have helped already are HeatVentors Ltd., Smart Charging Ltd., Drone Technologies Ltd., E-flag Ltd., Volteum Ltd. and Meter Solutions Ltd.

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MVM Edison

The aim of the competition is to embrace innovative ideas in the field of energy, which can offer solutions to real problems, can make the everyday lives of users easier and can make the operation of the energy sector more efficient. During the MVM Edison startup competition, we are looking for the innovative and creative development ideas regarding energy and energy awareness of startups, spinoffs, small and medium-sized enterprises, higher education students and individuals. During the final, the teams participating in the competition will take part in an 8-week development programme organised by Smart Future Lab, the fundamental element of which is customer focus and needs assessment. During the four MVM Edison programmes organised, nearly 500 entries have been received, making it one of the largest startup competitions in Hungary.

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