In accordance with the political and economic objectives of its owner, the Hungarian State, the MVM Group makes significant efforts to be engaged in efficient trading activities in the electricity markets both of Hungary and the neighbouring states, using the opportunities offered by the opening of the electricity market.

To this end, and adjusting to the individual market segments, MVM Group owns three trading companies. In addition to them, it also operates a trading platform (CTF), which ensures efficient operation. The organisation that supports the operation of the electricity market is Powerforum Ltd.

MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd. (MVM Partner Zrt.)

MVM Partner Energy Trading Ltd., owned 100% by MVM, was established on September 5, 2002 and it has been a licence-holding service provider since the beginning of the market liberalisation, January 1, 2003.

The firm focuses on its two core activities: On the one hand, it sells electricity to the consumers in the liberalised domestic market and, on the other had, it is also engaged in wholesale trade in the Hungarian and foreign markets.

As a result of the full market opening of January 1, 2008, electricity consumers are free to choose their partners from traders active in the market. The quick and flexible responses by MVM Partner Ltd. to trading needs, the customised products, the favourable prices and the fair and equal partnership it offers for its business partners represent a great corporate value.

Since its foundation the company has secured a key place in both the domestic retail and wholesale markets.

MVM Partner Ltd. also puts great emphasis on the regional electricity markets, thus it has been a player in the Romanian wholesale market since December 2009, and is willing to expand its activities in Serbia and Croatia in 2010.

Two trading subsidiaries of MVM Group, MVM Partner Ltd and MVM Trade Ltd, merged as of 1 July 2012, in other words MVM Partner Ltd took over MVM Trade Ltd, and the company established in this way continues its operation under the MVM Partner Ltd name. The company’s goal is to ensure that MVM Partner Ltd remains one of the biggest energy traders in Hungary and keeps on providing high level services, quickly and flexibly adapted to consumer expectations, both in the retail and wholesale markets.

Address: 1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 207-209., Hungary
Tel.: (+36-1) 304 2169
Fax: (+36-1) 202 0134

Powerforum Ltd.

The predecessor of this company, MVM Marketplace, was established by former MVM Trade Ltd. (now MVM Partner Ltd.) to facilitate the liquidity of the domestic electricity market. To this end, it provided a trading platform free of charge to all market players registered on the trading platform. In connection with the opening of the gas market, the function of the trading platform has been extended to gas trade. The company has been recently reorganised as Powerforum Ltd., in which the E-ON Gas Trading Ltd. has also become a 50% shareholder.

The regular electricity sales auctions of MVM Trade Ltd. are conducted through Powerforum Ltd. (These auctions are held because the Hungarian Energy Office identified MVM Trade as Significant Market Power (SMP). We hope that the operation of the Powerforum will be a useful means of the electricity and gas energy markets in Hungary.

Address: 1031 Budapest, Szentendrei út 207-209., Hungary
Tel.: (+36-1) 304 2312
Fax: (+36-1) 202 0573

Central Trading Floor (CTF)

The CTF which serves the electricity trading companies belonging to the MVM Group started its operations at the beginning of 2010. Its goal is to coordinate the medium- and short-term (shorter than one year) trade in electricity and cross-border capacity by the trading companies.

The companies with a trading licence have delegated their specialist to this organisation, and they make electricity trade agreements on behalf of the member companies. As a result of the operation of the CTF, trade risks decrease and, at the same time, it facilitates the use of favourable and flexible business opportunities in the market.