The Mission of MVM

As a competitive strategic holding and nationally owned company group of Hungary, the MVM Group is a determining integrated player of domestic electricity and gas market, and it is also active in the electricity industry of wider region.
The area of activities of MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. (MVM Zrt.) and the company group it controls (MVM Group) is one of the most important sectors of strategic significance of the national economy: domestic electricity supply.

The MVM Group is an important key player in the electricity sector, the only one in national ownership. Its activities include the areas of electricity generation, transmission, system operation and electricity trade. The integrated structure of the Group, reflecting an organisational structure widespread in Europe and conforming to the norms of the European Union, provides a proper background for the fulfilment of its diverse tasks and for the developments which are necessary in the power system and require extreme expenses. The group has a presence in the telecommunication sector and MVM is taking a key role in the natural gas market, and is now present in all key areas of the business, from infrastructure through trading to providing universal service.

The strategic objectives of the MVM Group are to increase its ownership and market values and to maintain its operations which meet the requirements set for companies listed on the stock exchange and the expectations of the market, cooperating in partnership with professional investors representing the largest European power company groups and being also present in Hungary.

Given its capital strength, the Group is able to contribute to the implementation of the national energy strategy objectives efficiently and on the merits due to its risk-reducing ability arising from its integrated operation and through its state ownership, allowing the Hungarian state to have not only regulatory means, but also means of ownership at its disposal for the implementation of these objectives.

MVM Group’s principal objective is to ensure that the company become a key integrated energy group also at the regional level by 2020 through intensive growth, with an EBITDA figure reaching HUF 200 billion.
The MVM Group wishes to increase its competitiveness significantly by end of the decade, and to strengthen its presence in the regional energy markets besides keeping and strengthening its domestic market positions. By 2020 the group will prove that a state owned company is able to be a good owner and a successful and attractive employer.