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After the Resumed General Meeting of MVM Zrt. held on December 23, 2005, the Board of Directors passed a resolution on the transfer of the transmission activities of the company and the assets associated with such activities to MAVIR Zrt. The aim of this resolution was to establish the Hungarian Transmission System Operator (TSO) within the MVM Group in accordance with the medium-term business strategy of MVM as of January 1, 2006. In this procedure MAVIR Zrt., a company with a current registered capital of about HUF 140 billion, received two operational licences from the Hungarian Energy Office: one for system operation and one for transmission.

By establishing the Hungarian Transmission System Operator, MVM Zrt. took a significant step towards the establishment of the Integrated National Power Group. The function of the TSO increases the security of power supply through the uniform management of the equipment of, and tasks associated with, the transmission grid and the simplification of the complicated internal regulation arising from the previous divided operation. The unique position of the TSO within the MVM Group guarantees the transparent and non-discriminatory operation of the transmission market which is to be independent from the market players, as required by the EU and Hungarian competition rules. At the end of 2009, the Hungarian Parliament made the necessary legislative modifications to preserve the benefits of the integrated operation and at the same time to comply with the European Union’s directive on the ownership unbundling. As a result, the legal framework of the ITO model (Independent System Operator) was created.

According to this framework, MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator Ltd. operates on the basis of the system operation licence awarded by the Hungarian Energy Office. Its responsibilities include:

  • to supervise and increase the grid assets,
  • to make the reconstruction, maintenance and development that are necessary for the security of supply,
  • to harmonise the operation of the Hungarian transmission system with the grids of the neighbouring countries,
  • to work out the grid development strategy.

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