In line with the strategic and economic objectives of its shareholder, the Hungarian state, the MVM Group strives to the maximum extent to carry out efficient commercial activities in Hungary and in the electricity markets of the region, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the rapidly transforming electricity markets.

To this end, in line with each market segment, it owns a number of trading companies.

MVM Partner Ltd.

As a competitive market subsidiary owned 100% by MVM Ltd., the only electricity wholesale company of the MVM Group and the exclusive electricity supplier of NKM Energy Ltd., MVM Partner Ltd. is a key player in the domestic electricity market due to its dynamic development.

The Company was established on 5 September 2002 and has been holding the official licences required for its lawful operation since the beginning of the liberalisation of the electricity market, 1 January 2003. The company is active in trading across Europe and is present on a number of European stock exchanges and OTC markets through the Central Trading Floor located at its headquarters in Budapest, thus ensuring the ability to react quickly to price changes also at international level. Taking also into account the wholesale subsidiaries of MVM Partner Ltd., it holds trading licences and operates independent balance groups in a total of 16 European countries and trades on 12 energy exchanges. Its commercial activities serve as a link between generation, retail and the wholesale market.

The company’s competencies:

  • management of risk exposure arising from power plant and Group retail portfolios;
  • meeting the emerging needs of wholesale partners in both energy exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets;
  • optimisation of assets belonging to the MVM Group and contracted assets in the commodity products market;
  • carrying out own-account trading activities on European electricity markets and in terms of emissions allowances and coal;
  • the main framework for the company’s trade in commodity products is provided by its advanced risk management tools.

As the largest electricity wholesaler on the domestic market, which has the largest domestic generator portfolio, MVM Partner Ltd. contributes to the security of supply of the Hungarian power system in a number of ways. The company is the key supplier of the Hungarian universal service providers (USP) in the electricity market. By providing ancillary services for the Hungarian Transmission System Operator, MAVIR (TSO), the company makes a major contribution to the stable operation of the Hungarian power system and to the uninterrupted power supply. Furthermore, it has the largest balance group in the domestic electricity market, which includes large power plants, small power plants, renewable generators, consumers and traders.

Using the results and experience achieved in the market of ancillary services, MVM Partner Ltd. established its own Virtual Power Plant (VPP), which started its commercial operation on 1 January 2015 after obtaining the necessary accreditation the TSO. The VPP allows units below 50 MW capacity to participate effectively in the balancing market. The number of power plant units currently connected to the balancing centre (mostly with gas engines) is 35, and the total installed capacity of the generation units is 136 MW. The VPP is constantly striving to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the rapidly changing market in the field of consumer balancing and energy storage.

MVM Partner Ltd. regularly holds electricity sales auctions, through which it also complies with the regulations applicable to significant market power (SMP) identified by the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority in relation to the company. The auctions are conducted through the auction interface of the company’s subsidiary, Powerforum Ltd.


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