Future energy startuppers found, winners of the MVM EDISON Light Up! competition announced

Final winners of the first energy startup competition in Hungary, the MVM EDISON Light Up!, has been announced. As part of the programme launched by the MVM Group, 12 finalists competed in four categories before the representatives of the jury and incubation companies. The best of the finals organised in Bálna get the opportunity to receive a seed investment of maximum HUF 50 million and to use acceleration services in order to become key enterprises in the future.

In the first round of the competition, the jury selected three projects in each category, which were given a development grant of HUF 1,000,000 each and, at the same time, were admitted to the mentor programme of the second round, where they received assistance for product development, the preparation of a business plan and prototype testing with the participation of professional partners. The innovators presented the result of cooperation to the investors in a real high-tech show in Bálna Budapest. The winning innovations selected in the finals of the startup competition of the MVM Group provide individual answers to everyday problems.

‘I am proud that with our MVM EDISON Light Up! pProgramme we have greatly contributed to ensuring that developments linked to energy efficiency and renewable energy generation and smart concepts do not remain at the level of theory,’ said Péter Csiba, Chairman and CEO of MVM Ltd., at the ceremony.

Winning startups of MVM Edison Light Up!

ECObuilder, which upgrades the thermal insulation of buildings with its thermal insulation and panel system based on phase change technology. The startup aims to make the technology of buildings with near-zero energy requirement widely available at an affordable price to the public, public building and industrial sectors alike.

HeatTANK would replace conventional hot water storage tanks with space-saving, cheaper and higher-efficiency tanks, the shell space of which contains a special, phase change material. Storage tanks applying this innovative technology begin to appear abroad, although not yet in Hungary, but with an optimised design the winning application promises energy savings of 20% even compared to those.

POIZO gives an ingenious answer to the cost-efficient heating of households by focusing on feeling personal comfort. A smart mobile infrared radiator applies the healthiest heating technology and maximises the thermal energy emitted by targeting the users or set areas to be heated, detecting their location in 360 degrees, so it solves the everyday problem arising from differences in our temperature sensation, when one member of the family is shivering with cold, while the other is hot.

BuGO has come up with the idea of a dynamic network of electric scooters without stations, which offers unlimited mobility for their users at an affordable price. Scooters specialised for cities in the 21st century would convey their drivers from their starting point to any destination, from door to door, without direct pollutant emissions or transfer or parking difficulties. The appearance and additional features of the means of transport conform to the lifestyle of urban young people.

The four projects engaged in a competition with more than one hundred other applications at the Light Up! innovation and startup competition invited under the MVM EDISON Programme between 5 December 2016 and 17 February 2017. The invitation encouraged Hungarian innovators to step out into the light and show their secretly cherished ideas. The MVM Group supported the implementation of the best ideas with a comprehensive mentor programme, which included, among other things, the application of product development methods or artificial intelligence solutions also used by IBM.

Similarly to the first round of screening, the applications that had reached the finals were evaluated by Péter Csiba, Chairman and CEO of MVM Ltd., Chairman of the jury, Dr Imre Molnár, Head of the Chairman and CEO’s Office of MVM Ltd., Zsolt Bertalan, CEO of Smart Future Lab Ltd., Gyula Fehér, father of the Hungarian startup world, founder of the USTREAM, and Ferenc Pongrácz, IBM’S Business Development Director for the South East European Region participating as partner in the programme.


List of winners by category:



Members of the team: Gergely Károlyi, Dávid Lukács, Zoltán Andrássy and László Jakab


Members of the team: Ádám Miklósi and Dániel Fekete


Members of the team: Zoltán Andrássy and Rita Farkas


BuGo, an electric scooter sharing service in Budapest

Members of the team: Dániel Pintácsi, Sára Gyöngy, Imre Pácsonyi, Bence Szabó, Dávid Kiss, Barnabás Máté Derekas, Márton Gábor Kádár and Borbála Takács