MVM has signed an agreement on a club loan of HUF 200 billion

MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. signed a revolving credit agreement for a maximum amount of HUF 200 billion with a consortium comprising 12 banks with Hungarian and international backgrounds on 15 December 2017. The new club loan provides highly competitive financing conditions to the MVM Group.

The credit line is aimed at general corporate financing and the refinancing of the existing forint club loan agreement of the MVM Group. The loan has a term of 5 years and is to be repaid in a lump sum upon maturity. It provides long-term funds for the implementation of the business strategy of the MVM Group.

The credit agreement on a credit line of HUF 200 billion is especially important for the MVM Group. With this, the largest source of finance available to our Group is renewed under the best terms available in the market. By signing the agreement, the banks participating in the club loan greatly contribute to the successful implementation of the strategy of the MVM Group,’ said Dr János Zsuga, CEO of MVM Ltd., upon signing the agreement.

‘This agreement, which is the largest-scale forint credit deal in 2017, is a milestone in the domestic market and, at the same time, also a great success for the MVM and the participating banks. The significance of the transaction is demonstrated by both the magnitude of the credit line and the number of cooperating banks,’ added Dr Mihaly Patai, Chairman and CEO of the lending agent, UniCredit Bank Hungary Ltd.

Banks providing the credit line


  • UniCredit Bank Hungary Co. Ltd.


  • Hungarian Branch Office of BNP Paribas
  • CIB Bank Co. Ltd.
  • Hungarian Branch Office of Citibank
  • Commerzbank Co. Ltd.
  • Erste Bank Hungary Co. Ltd.
  • Hungarian Branch Office of ING Bank N.V.
  • K&H Bank Co. Ltd.
  • Hungarian Cooperative Savings Bank Co. Ltd.
  • MKB Bank Co. Ltd.
  • OTP Bank plc
  • Raiffeisen Bank Co. Ltd.
  • UniCredit Bank Hungary Co. Ltd.


The MVM Group is the fourth largest company group in Hungary. Its consolidated sales exceeded HUF 1,034 billion and its EBITDA generated reached HUF 110 billion in 2016. The MVM Group has more than 8,500 employees and is present in more than 15 countries.