MVM supports sick and disadvantaged children with nearly HUF 100 million

The executives of the MVM Group have handed over nearly HUF 100 million in support to the representatives of 12 institutions, hospitals and non-governmental organisations helping children on the Rally Day organised for the 11th time.

The volunteer employee team of MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd. and MVM Partner Ltd. received nearly 800 permanently sick, mentally challenged, physically disabled and disadvantaged children at the ‘My Most Beautiful Day’ event of the 11th Rally Day of the Group. At the event organised in Millenáris Park, foundations that help the children’s teaching, education and healing received nearly HUF 100 million in donation from the executives of the two companies. The institutions may use the amounts for replacing patient care equipment, procuring special medical instruments, refurbishing buildings and maintaining their core activities.

‘Supporting future generations is especially important for the MVM Group. We are proud that we can create opportunities for sick and disadvantaged children which help their development, healing and rehabilitation. As a responsible energy group, we feel it is our task to support activities that facilitate equal opportunities, mainly, if we can contribute with this to the welfare of children with a difficult fate,’ said György Kóbor, Chairman and CEO of MVM Ltd.

This year, the Aranyossy Ágoston Elementary School Foundation, the Hungarian Foundation of the SOS Children Village, the Foundation for the Development of the Heim Pál Children Hospital, the Think Healthy! Foundation, the Bethesda Hospital Foundation, the Horse Therapy for the Disabled Association, the Foundation for the Patients of the Tűzoltó utca Pediatric Clinic, the Non-profit Foundation for the Bókay Pediatric Clinic, the Oat Straw Foundation, the Motivál-Ló Foundation, the Daniló Sports Club and the Óbuda Family Advisory and Children Protection Centre received grants.

‘Over the past decade, we have supported the education and healing of children in need with several hundred million forints, helping the institutions and foundations that organise either hospital treatment or special development therapies and education programmes for them,’ said Kornél Czinege, CEO of MVM Partner Ltd.

This year, the theme of the Rally Day was built around music, where a nearly 100-strong volunteer team of MVM Ltd. and MVM Partner Ltd. employees guided the children into ‘The world of melodies’. The children could roam around the whole Music Universe in an adventurous journey, including four music planets, where they could get acquainted with special characters and instruments, while they could participate in interactive music programmes with the help of the play masters of the Opera House. At the free event, the little ones could experience worriless fun for a day: in addition to music performers and concerts, the participants could also take part in handicraft exercises and stage programmes.