Winners of the MVM EDISON Startup Competition announced

A control technology smartly distributing the charging demand of electric cars, a magnetic, modular smart lamp product line and a comprehensive application solution developed for the challenges of electric car use have won the MVM Edison 2019 Energy Startup Competition. Eight teams competed for the MVM Group’s up to HUF 50 million seed investment in the final of this competition announced for the third time.

Launched by the MVM Group, the Edison programme was waiting for the most promising, creative, marketable, environmentally friendly and energy efficient developments of the future until the beginning of January. Based on the professional jury’s first-round evaluations, eight teams out of nearly 100 candidates were eventually given the opportunity to participate in a training programme organised by IBM and Smart Future Lab Ltd. (SFL). At its closing event, they could take to the stage before the professional jury in the final. The three winning teams will be given the opportunity to earn a seed investment of up to HUF 50 million from the MVM Group.
‘During the competition, we were looking for initiatives that could offer solutions to real problems, could make the everyday lives of MVM’s customers easier, and could make the operation of the domestic energy industry more efficient. The three winning teams found to be the best by the professional jury presented feasible innovative solutions, which can greatly contribute to our endeavours of strategic importance,’ said György Kóbor, Chairman and CEO of MVM Ltd.
During the selection process, it was a high-priority consideration that the energy sector-themed competition projects offer a widely usable solution and could also be sold under market conditions with appropriate financial and professional support.

The initiators of the three projects deemed to be the best also won a study trip to IBM’s design centre in France and a communication package worth HUF 3 million, which will provide them an opportunity to create a communication strategy, image design, or even market research, which are indispensable elements of starting up a successful business.

The winning startups of MVM Edison:

Every driver of an electric car could have encountered the ‘problem’ of having to charge their vehicle on a long journey. The related service offered by InCharge helps with issues related to the operating range, finding an appropriate charger and the pastimes available during charging. The features of the application make the charging of electric cars more predictable and simple for users, and help operators increase the utilisation rate of their chargers. The goal of the team is to develop a full-featured application, which makes it possible to plan any trip quickly and simply, taking into account the parameters of the electric car, the charging network, and the weather and road conditions as well. Energy is close to every member of the team, so it was clear to them that they would enter their project in the MVM EDISON Startup Competition. Their goal is to make their idea an investment, a project ready to enter the market. Team members: Kornél Kálmán, Dávid Kertész, Krisztián Putti, Zsófia Tóth and Bence Tóth

Nowadays, everything is customisable and smart, why shouldn’t lamps be such as well? The Magnelit team entered the competition with a magnetic, modular smart lamp product line. The light source is made up of magnetic modules, which can be freely varied without assembly, so the device can take different forms and have different functions. It can be hanging, ceiling-mounted, standing and wall-mounted, and can be made of wood, stone, metal or even textile in order to meet all special needs. The smart lighting module makes it possible to turn the lights on and off, set their timer, adjust their brightness, activate programmed lighting schemes and mood lights with a mobile device, even as part of a smart home, by voice control, and the product can even be used as a clock and alarm clock. The team’s goals are to reach serial production and to enter foreign markets in order to bring some playful individuality into the homes of as many people as possible. Team members: Patrícia Pánczél, Dániel Berger and Zsolt Kismartoni

MET3R ZenCharge
Electric cars are increasingly gaining ground, but electricity networks are not yet prepared for their mass penetration. That is exactly why network upgrades worth many billions of forints or smart control technologies will be required ‒ the development of Zencharge belongs to the latter precisely. The invention regulates the charging of electric cars by distributing competing charge demand. All this helps operators to increase the utilisation rate of their chargers, and allows, for example, the power supply of dwelling houses not to be overloaded by the charging of e-vehicles either. The developers are looking for an energy distribution partner for testing Zencharge, and they also want to test the system in operation with the help of their partner. If they manage to move forward, they would start selling next year in Western European and North American markets, where there is a higher concentration of e-cars, so the problems to be solved by the developers are also more frequent. Team members: Csaba Pesti, Tamás Kenessey, Levente György and Bence Sipos

The jury members of the MVM Edison Programme include György Kóbor, Chairman and CEO of MVM Ltd.; Zsolt Bertalan, Group Technology Innovation Director of MVM Ltd.; István Márton, CEO of Smart Future Lab Ltd.; Péter Rehus, Country Director of IBM Hungary; Ákos Dervalics, Executive of InnoEnergy HUB Hungary; and Olivér Csendes, Head of the Pioneers Ventures Investment Network.