Environmental Protection
Environmental Policy of the MVM Group

The mission of the MVM Group as a key player in the electricity industry of Hungary is the security of energy supply of the Country. . Its activities cover electricity generation, transmission and trade, the independent operation of the transmission system, the development, operation and maintenance of the transmission system, natural gas trade and storage, the construction of a natural gas pipeline, the operation of power plants, district heating supply, , as well as fixed-line and wireless telecommunications, information technology, financial, accounting, engineering consulting and logistics services. In the course of performing its tasks, the MVM Group inevitably affects the condition of the natural and built environments. Identifying itself with the fundamental principles of sustainability, the MVM Group sets as its common goal to minimise the impacts on the environmental components and ecological systems, to reduce pollutant emissions, to remediate previous potential environmental damage and to reach the smallest possible environmental impact, following the principles of precaution and responsible thinking. The MVM Group aims at developing efficient environmentally friendly processes and technologies, thereby strengthening its competitiveness, market position and reputation. Using new technical accomplishments, it wants to keep developing its services and technologies, taking into account energy efficiency and environmental considerations. During its development activities and projects, the MVM Group gives priority to using state-of-the-art equipment, and aims at replacing capacities that are obsolete in terms of energy efficiency.

The MVM Group undertakes

  • to support to reach the goals of the National Climate Policy, based on the EU expectations, as well as the implementation of the National Energy Strategy during its energy generation;
  • to continuously comply with the laws, regulations and standards (domestic and EU) applicable to its activities and expects the same from its partners;
  • as a key player in the electricity industry of Hungary, to set an example for its partners and for all the market players in its activities concerning environmental protection issues;
  • to continuously monitor the impacts of its activities on the environment, to participate in the development of the Best Available Techniques (BAT), and to aim, using such techniques, at preventing adverse impacts and reducing risks;
  • to identify, control and continuously monitor those critical activities which have significant real or potential impact on the environment;
  • by constantly controlling and improving its environmental performance, to aim at energy conservation and the rationalisation of the use of natural resources;
  • to act with the highest caution on the recultivation of its abandoned sites, and to make them available for further utilisation;
  • by publishing sustainability reports describing the environmental impacts of its activities and its achievements, to provide information to its partners and stakeholders on a regular basis;
  • to improve the professional competence, the commitment to sustainable development and thus to environmental protection and the environmental awareness of its staff;
  • to have continuous dialogue with stakeholders and to cooperate with public administration bodies and all authorities in order to prevent and eliminate environmental pollution and emergencies;
  • to take part in social initiatives in the field of environment and sustainability.

The MVM Group regularly reviews the compliance of its Environmental Policy, and pursue to the continuous development based on the assessments. The Environmental Policy is binding upon the members of the Group, on a regular basis and also makes it available to the general public.