The Management of MVM Energy Private Limited Company (MVM Ltd.) treats the quality-based approach as a requirement in all activity areas of the nationally owned energy group, recognises the importance of environmental protection, energy efficiency, sustainable development and information protection, and strives to apply them in its business relations as well. 

Accordingly, MVM Ltd., as the controlling company of the MVM Group, operates the Integrated Management System conforming to the ISO 9001:2015, the ISO 50001:2019, the ISO 14001:2015 and the ISO/IEC 27001:2014 standards in an integrated way, and ensures its continuous development.

Energy Management
The MVM Group is a highly successful National Energy Group on a growth path. Its operations cover the whole Hungarian energy sector. It is a future- and customer-oriented Group which is competitive regionally. The Group provides its partners with sustainable and secure energy supply and energy-related services, accompanied by continuous innovation.

The fundamental tasks of MVM Energy Ltd. are to manage and control the companies of the MVM Group in order to achieve the above strategic goal.

The main objectives of MVM Energy Ltd. include increasing energy efficiency, rationalising the use of natural resources and implementing efficient, high-quality operations by carrying out innovation-based developments, using cleaner technologies, and applying best international practice through the exploitation of existing synergies at both company and Group level to the maximum extent.

MVM Energy Ltd. operates an efficient energy management system developed on the basis of Hungarian standard MSZ EN ISO 50001:2019 and forming an integral part of its decision-making system, which is coordinated with its strategy. As part of this, it undertakes to:

  • continuously improve its energy management performance and continuously develop its
  • energy management system; 
  • provide all necessary information and resources for the efficient implementation of the 
  • set objectives, energy management targets and development ideas;
  • monitor and apply legal rules related to energy efficiency, energy utilisation and energy 
  • use as well as meet other organisational requirements; 
  • support the procurement of energy-efficient products and services and planning activities 
  • that take into account improvements in energy management performance; 
  • promote the introduction of new technologies and methods in order to increase energy 
  • efficiency which includes the use of alternative energy sources; 
  • help strengthen the energy awareness of employees through the use of in-house 
  • training.

The management of MVM Ltd. is convinced that by implementing and continuously developing the Energy Policy and achieving the stated goals, the Company contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency and the increase of the Company’s economic efficiency.

Budapest, 19 February 2021

György Kóbor
Chairman and CEO

Environmental Management
The fundamental tasks of MVM Ltd. is strategic planning and the central management and supervision of the companies of the MVM Group. MVM Ltd. operates an efficient, strategy coordinated, certified environmental management system which forms an integral part of its decision-making system.
The management of MVM Ltd. is convinced that by achieving the goals stated in its Environmental Policy, the Company contributes to the improvement of the state of our environment, while increasing the Company’s economic efficiency.

In order to achieve the above, MVM Ltd. is bound to:
  • support the introduction and development of an environmental management system at the companies of the MVM Group;
  • meet the environmental requirements set out in domestic and EU legislation and strive to meet environmental requirements expected in the future;
  • in the course of its activities, it manages materials and equipment used and consumed with the utmost regard for environmental regulations;
  • strive for energy efficiency, the optimal use of resources, and the reduction and minimisation of the burden on the environment by introducing new technologies and methods, continuously optimising and developing existing ones, continuously eliminating obsolete ones and continuously increasing its environmental performance;
  • use the best available environmentally friendly technologies in its activities and projects, in compliance with the legal rules, seek to develop technologies that fall short of the expected level by applying the Best Available Techniques (BAT);
  • exercise utmost care in the reclamation and the reuse of sites on which normal operations have been abandoned;
  • seek the widespread use of environmentally sound, carbon-neutral, alternative technologies and processes, the replacement of high-carbon technologies and the promotion of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious energy use methods;
  • increase its staff’s professional competence, commitment to environmental protection and sustainable economy by providing regular information, training, programmes and opportunities in the exchange of experience;
  • liaise with the regulatory and control authorities, international and domestic environmental organisations and other stakeholders, paying special attention to the proper fulfilment of its obligations to provide data and information;
  • support, in addition to economic efficiency considerations, research and development  related to its activities for the purpose of environmental protection and a sustainable economy;
  • regularly informs the public about its environmental performance and environmental impact in the form of an Integrated Report available on its website.

MVM Ltd. regularly reviews its compliance with its Environmental Policy, continuously strives for development on the basis of evaluations, and makes its Environmental Policy accessible. 

Budapest, 15 April 2021

György Kóbor
Chairman and CEO

Quality Management
MVM Ltd. plays a significant role in the area of the domestic and regional energy sectors. We strive to achieve and maintain the satisfaction of our Company’s stakeholders and business partners with our high level of services.

In our areas of operation, we treat the quality of our activities as a priority; in order to continuously improve it, MVM Ltd. operates an efficient quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which is coordinated with the Company’s strategy and forms an integral part of its decision-making system.

In line with our commitment to continuous development, we aim to:

  • maintain and continuously improve the certified quality management system complying with the ISO 9001:2015 standard;
  • operate the quality management system in accordance with both the Group and company regulations;
  • meet the objectives in line with the Business Plan of MVM Ltd.;
  • increase trust in and satisfaction with our Company.

The purpose of our certified quality management system is to implement and develop our activities in a regulated manner in such a way that the provisions and specifications set out in legislation, official documents, standards, contracts and the Company’s Business Rules are applied.
The Management of the Company requires that its employees and subcontractors adopt its quality policy objectives, support the achievement of its quality objectives and fully comply with the requirements of the quality management system.

Budapest, 15 April 2021

György Kóbor
Chairman and CEO

Information Security Management
MVM is a future- and customer-oriented Group, also competitive regionally, which provides responsible, sustainable and secure energy supply and energy-related services, accompanied by continuous innovation, to its partners. As a competitive market player on a dynamic growth path, it plans further growth in the Hungarian market through the expansion of its services provided by its member companies, while through acquisitions and investments abroad. The ever-expanding portfolio of MVM covers the entire Hungarian energy system and with its ancillary services (e.g. IT, telecommunications, financial services and security services), it is prepared to fully serve increasingly complex consumer needs through a single operator.

In order to achieve the goals of MVM Ltd. and to fully serve the needs of its partners, the Group also needs to adapt to the expectations of an ever-evolving and constantly changing digital society. To do all this, it is essential to follow IT trends, to support innovative solutions and to develop corporate mobility, bearing in mind the associated information security risks and the measures aimed to address them.

The requirements of the present age include that the MVM Group is also affected by a change in the level of terrorist threat due to its significant role in the energy market, which entails not only more stringent physical protection measures, but also makes it necessary to prepare for and proactively defend against attacks from cyber space. The possibility of attacks against the energy sector, especially power plants, cannot be ruled out; according to professional studies, too, the potential goal of a cyber attack against Hungary may be to cripple its electricity supply. Over the past few years, several power plants and organisations operating in Europe could also experience the consequences of such attacks, as a result of which increased attention must be paid to information security, business continuity management and crisis management also within the MVM Group.

Taking all this into account, MVM Ltd. has a key interest in the continuous development and maintenance of information security measures, emphasising that the information assets managed by the Group must be protected against external and internal threats in order to preserve data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

In order to achieve the defined goals, the Senior Management of MVM Ltd. set the fulfilment of the following most important goals and requirements in order to increase and maintain the security of member companies and its partners:
  • key tasks are keeping up to date, complying with and ensuring compliance with national laws, regulations, data protection laws and international standards applicable to the MVM Group optionally elaborating, keeping up to date and continuously developing the Information Security Policy and other regulatory documents related to the information security system as well as setting, achieving and back-testing the strategic goals by member companies; 
  • monitoring possible new risks arising from technological novelties and continuous development, protection solutions and trends, and according to these, continuously surveilling, evaluating and developing our own systems;
  • ensuring the physical and logical protection of the infrastructure and devices with state-of-the-art technical equipment and competent specialists;
  • preparing to deal with possible security incidents, operating and maintaining a business continuity management system;
  • taking measures to prevent threats and security incidents and developing action plans and procedures to deal with any incidents that may occur, taking also into account business continuity requirements;
  • providing continuous training to and encouraging employees for security-conscious behaviour, emphasising the importance of information security, raising awareness of potential risks and security measures, and developing security awareness;
  • ensuring the achievement of the set information security goals and compliance with the applicable instructions and procedures through regular inspections and continuous management support.

The implementation of information security is the responsibility of MVM Ltd. It is necessary to ensure the implementation of the above-mentioned tasks on the basis of guidelines and regulations.

The executives, employees and cooperating partners of MVM Ltd. are all committed to the implementation of the goals set out in the Information Security Policy, and they contribute to the development and maintenance of information security culture by setting personal example and taking responsibility.

Budapest, 15 April 2021

György Kóbor
Chairman and CEO

Dr Szabolcs Tóth
Group Security Director