Corporate Social Responsibility

Being the third and eleventh largest energy company in Hungary and Central Europe, respectively, the MVM Group, in addition to striving to provide its customers with sustainable, affordable and clean energy, pays special attention to its presence also as a socially responsible, people-oriented group of companies.

The MVM Group is committed to supporting outstanding talents and performance, and with its corporate social responsibility activities it contributes to value creation and the preservation of real values. Within its sponsorship and support areas, it strives to find cooperation that meets these expectations.

MVM’s goals include innovation, talent management and leadership training, but also the patronage of language and school-based training to increase workplace engagement. With the aim of supporting the favourable economic, social and environmental links between urban, suburban and rural areas, the MVM Group seeks to help local communities. The most important player of this is MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd., which, as the most significant employer in the Paks region, also organises various welfare and awareness-raising programmes in cooperation with the local governments of the region.