Corporate Social Responsibility

Being the second and tenth largest energy company in Hungary and Central Europe, respectively, and the largest energy knowledge centre in Hungary, the MVM Group pays special attention to be active also as a socially responsible, people-oriented group of companies.


Similarly to large companies operating in other European countries, MVM believes that economic development can also be assessed today in the development of culture, the social net, and the educational and professional culture in Hungary as well as at the development level of healthy lifestyles and sports culture.


Without all of these factors, it is inconceivable to produce sustainable development and good economic results and to keep the highly qualified young generation for the Hungarian economy.

Thus, the MVM Group has many decades of tradition of corporate social responsibility or CSR activities. Its aim is to ensure that the Group is able to cope in this area, too, in a way that is on par with its economic role.


Accordingly, the Group supports the implementation of value-creating and preserving initiatives in the fields of sports, culture, environment, health, education and science, and, likewise, advocates charitable goals as well.


As a dynamic, innovative energy group, it is highly committed to research and development, innovation, the education of young generations, and to the support of outstanding talents and performance. It also focuses on supporting local communities and promoting favourable economic, social and environmental relations between urban, suburban and rural areas.

In accordance with the above principles and its high-priority goals, the MVM Group strives to find the most suitable cooperation and partners for its corporate social responsibility programme.


We would like to thank Hungarian social actors for their honourable confidence expressed to the company for years by turning to it with plans to implement the most valuable programmes.


Communications Directorate, MVM Ltd.