Károly Tamás Mátrai
Deputy CEOs
László Fazekas
Deputy CEO, Chief Financial Officer
Benedek Fluck
Deputy CEO, Chief Human Resources and Corporate Services Officer
János Sum
Deputy CEO, Chief Business Officer
József Spilkó
Deputy CEO for Power Generation and Technical Services
Zoltán Alkér
Deputy CEO, Chief Infastructure Officer
Group Directors
Dr. Anita Bozóky
Group Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Director
Magdolna Tokai
Group Director for EU Funding and Strategy
Dr. Tamás Cseh
Head of International Business and M&A
Dr. Balázs Tomaj
Director, Central Affairs and Key Partner Relationship Management
Dr. Janka Malatinszky
Group Internal Audit Director
Dr. Szabolcs Tóth
Group Security Director